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For Jerome Powell and other members of the Federal Reserve (Fed), the Consumer Price Index (CPI) print this week was well and truly a fly in their ointment.
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As the global population ages, retirees will need better health and social care options, more assisted-living housing, and flexible retirement solutions. That's good news for investors.
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In the first quarter, bond and equity markets decoupled as investors pared back the number of expected interest rate cuts this year, driving a fall in bond prices.
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They established what many consider to be the most successful investment partnership of all time: Berkshire Hathaway Inc. What can today's investors learn from them?
Last year, as billions of dollars’ worth of debt neared maturity dates, many borrowers faced potentially debilitatingly high refinancing costs, raising fears of widespread defaults. But these fears are abating, leaving companies rushing to sell debt in a resilient bond market.
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With the AI revolution not showing any signs of slowing down, The Brief speaks to Investment Manager, Abika Martin, on how women throughout history have changed the face of technology and how inclusivity remains key with the innovation of AI.
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We humans have come to be the most dominant species in our planet’s history. Through our evolution, we have been able to develop technologies and uncover significant bodies of science that have enabled us to communicate better and protect ourselves from the threats around us. But something went wrong in our story, so why is that?
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In what’s been a highly charged week for developed market central banks, for once, attention moved East.
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With so many worthwhile charities in need of funds, it can be challenging for the would-be philanthropist to know where to start. How do you decide where to target your support? Can you be sure that your gift will make a real difference? And does it matter that you don’t have huge amounts of money to donate?
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As you are reading this, 26 of LGT Wealth Management’s employees will either be ascending or descending one of three mountains in England, Scotland or Wales.

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