Portfolio management Good investments should come as no surprise

Our approach is simple: informed, objective advice based on your aspirations and your risk appetite. We create a bespoke portfolio to meet your needs. You choose how involved you want to be with the daily management of your assets.

Balanced portfolio management

A fully personalised service that suits you Defined by you

We never lose sight of the fact that it is your money we manage. Your team will get to know you and build a portfolio based on your goals and aspirations.

Discretionary portfolio

  • Our investment process defines the structure of these portfolios, but the day-to-day management is given to your dedicated investment manager.
  • This is the choice for clients who wish to delegate all investment decisions to someone else.

Advisory portfolio

  • Your investment manager will have an understanding of your objectives and sensitivity to risk, and will match investment ideas accordingly.
  • No transaction will be executed without your prior agreement.
  • For clients who prefer to be more involved with both the investment strategy and the daily decisions.

Transatlantic specialists

The flexibility of our portfolio management service allows us to tailor our offering to suit a range of client types and the unique requirements that they have, be it private clients with a US connection, or financial intermediaries.

Piecing together the portfolio management puzzle for private clients
Supporting a range of clients

Here for you, wherever “here” is

Our clients include US citizens, trustees, companies and charities, as well as offering investment services for general investment accounts such as ISAs, UK and international pensions, charities, trustees and private companies.

Portfolio management for entrepreneurs, like ourselves
Fulfilling your reporting needs

Our service beyond the portfolios

Our international expertise means that we can help you to implement an investment strategy unburdened by tax constraints in the US. We provide both US and UK tax reporting, taking into account currency exposure and regulatory requirements.

Portfolio management in cooperation with institutions
Understanding your challenges

Experts in working with US connected clients

US Citizens and Greencard holders can face diverse challenges when it comes to their financial affairs. Any investment decisions we make take into account the tax implications and constraints that are unique to your personal situation.

portfolio management for international clients
US residents

Extending our services across the Atlantic

For US residents we offer a range of services including US pensions, 529 plans, US qualifying insurance products, as well as general investment accounts. We can arrange custody in the UK, US and offshore.

Risk management

Risk means different things to different peopleThat’s why, as part of our portfolio management service, we take time to understand what it means to you. Your attitude to risk underlines every decision we make. 

How do we manage risk?

  • By listening to you: Understanding your goals, situation and timeline helps us determine how best to manage your portfolio in a way that feels comfortable to you.
  • By keeping in touch with you: Your attitude to risk may alter over time. We keep in regular contact to make sure your portfolio is structured to meet your changing needs.
  • By using the right tools: We use a number of risk monitoring tools with the aim of ensuring your portfolio is managed according to your expectations.

Investment philosophy

  • Clients’ interests first
    Portfolios that fit the client, not the other way around. 
  • Long-term focus
    Establishing long-lasting partnerships with clients is our top priority. 
  • Our expertise
    Your financial future is in safe hands with our highly experienced team of experts. 
  • Investment beliefs
    Our rigorous investment process means if we don’t believe in it, we don’t invest in it. 
Investment philosophy and process infographic for financial advisers
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