Sustainable investing Together, small changes can have a large impact

Investing your wealth should be aligned with your principles. We create responsible, sustainable portfolios that match both your financial goals and personal values.

The Victoria crowned pigeon is a near threatened species. Sustainable investing can help protect our future.

Prioritise the future without compromising returns


We exclude companies in certain sectors that carry out activities that may be harmful to society or the planet. For example, if they have a high carbon footprint or poor labour conditions. We may also exclude investments in countries with poor human rights records. 


We prioritise investing in companies with sustainable practices. For example, if they’re contributing to resolving global issues such as water scarcity. 


We actively seek to invest in companies that have a strong focus on the environment, society and good corporate governance and that are determined to create a positive environmental and social impact.

Sustainable investment process

Sustainable investment criteria includes qualitative and quantitative analysis.

Exclusionary criteria

We screen investments to avoid investing in those that are not aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

Integrated ESG assessment

Quantitative and qualitative environmental, social and governance analysis is undertaken to select investments with clear commitment to sustainability.

Targeting positive impact

Through the alignment to our sustainable investment pillars, we aim to invest in companies that have a clear intention to create a positive effect on some or all the UN SDGs.

Solar panels in the sunset show an opportunity for sustainable investment and corporate sustainability activities.

Actions speak louder than words

Thinking about the future is part of our culture

We all have a part to play in actively contributing to a more sustainable future. At LGT, we take this challenge incredibly seriously. Learn more about the steps we are taking.


Our research

We produce regular research on key sustainable investing themes and trends as well as insights into how we incorporate sustainability into our own business. Head to our Insights page to find out more. 

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