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Sustainability 360 2023 - Fourth edition

Sustainability issues such as climate change are no longer concerns reserved for governments and activists. They are now seen as a crucial consideration by investment firms, including LGT. Find out more about our approach to sustainability.

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LGT Wealth Management US - Working with US connected individuals

We believe that a global perspective is the best way to achieve a clients’ goals. Learn more about our range of services.
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LGT Wealth Management US - Portrait

As a privately owned firm, we take an entrepreneurial approach to running our business. This means we can make long-term decisions in the best interests of our clients quickly and independently. Learn more about what makes LGT different.
Q2 2023

Quarterly Report Q2 2023

Every quarter, our Investment Committee digs into the data to provide an update on the performance of global markets and individual asset classes. Read all the latest news and views here.

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