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Young employee in the Harambee office
The South African non-profit organisation Harambee wants to put an end to the country’s high youth unemployment. LGT Venture Philanthropy is supporting Harambee with its mission.
top view of builder
Climate change risks, and the need to transition to cleaner forms of energy, are widely recognised by governments, businesses, and consumers, but one part of the investment debate remains hotly debated – what role will oil and gas majors like BP play in the transition?
Under the sea main pic

Under the sea

As the UK’s National Marine Week wraps up, Abika Martin takes a trip down memory lane with some of Disney’s underwater characters to see how they are faring in the twenty-first century.
Natural building materials (from left: straw, wood, cork, cob, bamboo)
Wood, mud, and other natural building materials are enjoying a resurgence as more sustainable alternatives to traditional materials. And while concrete can’t be avoided, could we reformulate it to reduce its carbon emissions?
Wetland at WWT Washington
Wetlands play a vital role in our ecosystems by providing natural habitats for birds and fish species, as well as filtering our waters and storing carbon dioxide from our atmospheres. Dr. James Robinson, Director of Conservation at the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust, discusses these landscapes and why they are so important.
2022 was an exceptional year for many reasons. As the Global North began to open up and recover from the pandemic, much of the Global South remains in various stages of lockdowns and immunisation. Find out more about the recent trends in our annual Sustainability report.
On the eve of the 53rd year since the inaugural Earth Day, Lucy Ritchie spoke to James Cashmore, Managing Director at the Soil Association, to shine a light on what Earth Day means for us, for businesses and for the planet.
Wooden judge gavel with scales on library
Investors have a duty to uphold the United Nations Guiding Principles and in doing so can recognise the benefits of strong risk management around modern slavery and human rights.
Carbon dioxide
How do we begin to calculate the impact of a vehicle manufacturing company in the United States on a family that has lost their house to flooding? The social cost of carbon is “the single most important number that nobody has ever heard of” according to Gernot Wagner, a climate economist at New York University, emphasising its role as an important question in public policy which will define life on our planet. What is the social cost of carbon? The social cost of carbon is an estimate...
Sustainable investment themes
As we filter through a swathe of Black Friday promotions, signalling that the festive period is well and truly upon us, we use this opportunity to wrap up the US earnings season.

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