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Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT) is a conservation charity dedicated to creating and protecting wetland birds and their habitats, and advocating for wetlands and ecological issues worldwide. Find out how LGT Wealth Management are working with the WWT on their conservation projects.
close up image of ocean wave
As humans, we occupy the world for the duration of our lifetime, but our mark is left many times longer than this. Over the last few years, countries across the world have started to galvanise some of the required financial resources, primarily through infrastructure spend, to a greener operating model.
The Goodwood Estate, in the heart of West Sussex, is an 11,000 acre estate, home to the Duke of Richmond for the last 300 years. Over the generations, the family has established many sporting pursuits on the estate including horse-riding, motorsport, cricket and golf.
climate action protest poster
We humans have come to be the most dominant species in our planet’s history. Through our evolution, we have been able to develop technologies and uncover significant bodies of science that have enabled us to communicate better and protect ourselves from the threats around us. But something went wrong in our story, so why is that?
box of old phones and tech
If you have a box in your attic with old charging cables, mobile phones and other devices, you are not alone. E-waste is a fast-growing issue. You might however be surprised to know there are ways it can be repaired, re-used and recycled, creating benefits not only for environmental protection, but also enabling donated devices to be given to people who are experiencing digital exclusion.
Bermondsey Street Bees’ co-founder Dale Gibson on their regeneratively managed land in Essex.
Set against the backdrop of Bermondsey Street Bees' regeneratively managed lands in coastal Essex, we speak to co-founders Dale Gibson and Sarah Wyndham Lewis about their long journey in sustainable beekeeping.
Green fields
Investors are increasingly using their influence with investee companies to promote long term sustainable behaviours. We interviewed Emmet McNamee, Head of Progression and Innovation at the UN supported Principles for Responsible Investment to find out more about the use of stewardship and how it can deliver for clients.
Cop 28 flag on blue sky
Over recent months, we have written about some of the difficult questions surrounding sustainable development, covering high polluting and contentious sectors such as power and commodities. However, climate economics is a much broader concept and is something that will influence all areas of the global economy. In this note we will break down what carbon markets are and the increasingly interlinked nature of climate and economic outcomes in what we label climate economics.
stack of jumpers
We interviewed Deborah Barker, Southeast England Fibreshed to learn more about the benefits of agroecological and biodynamic farming and how they are on a mission to tackle the disconnect between the wool farming industry and the design industry.
rubbish sorted into recycling sections
Within the energy transition debate, an area of particular contention is commodities – those who mine them, process them and ultimately use them in their products.

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