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Wealth planning

A dream without a plan remains a dream 

This service is dedicated to the provision of financial planning to individuals, companies, partnerships and trusts with a US connection. We present you with a personalised strategy to structure your short, medium and long-term plans, all within the parameters of your financial resources. Our comprehensive proposition endeavours to help you meet and maintain your ambitions. We have the specialist expertise and experience to guide you through the financial landscape and your geographic location, to effectively implement a plan that will meet your financial goals.

Our proactive and long-term approach with clients means we periodically review the progress of your recommended strategy and can discuss any changes needed as a result of legislation, or your personal circumstances. When providing advice, we consider the whole of the relevant market to identify the solutions which best suit you.

Our service includes advice in the following areas: pension accumulation and retirement planning, inheritance tax planning and devolving wealth to future generations, providing for school fees and assisting non-UK domiciled and non-resident clients to arrange their affairs in a tax compliant manner.