Moving to the UK: a guide for US expats

We understand the unique challenges and opportunities we face when moving abroad. Our guide is crafted to be your trusted resource for relocating to the UK. 


A guide for US expats

From opening a bank account to understanding local real estate markets, and from education planning to effectively managing your wealth across borders, each step comes with its own set of challenges. In recognition of this, we have compiled insights and strategies to address these issues.

Key factors to consider when relocating to the UK

US expats have a variety of challenges to navigate when moving abroad. In addition to the usual considerations of emigrating, Americans face additional complexities as a result of the US’ worldwide taxation system. What should you consider?

Expats guide

About the authors

The LGT Wealth Management US team has extensive experience gained at some of the world’s leading financial institutions. 

Associate Wealth Manager

Daniel Zeitoun

Originally from the Washington D.C area, Daniel joined LGT in 2022 to support the team’s Wealth Planning proposition and US connected private clients.

Adam Morrow
Portfolio Manager

Adam Morrow

Adam is a Portfolio Manager at LGT where he manages discretionary portfolios for US connected clients.

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