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LGT Vestra is a "Great Place to Work"

LGT Vestra, the UK-based wealth management firm, has been designated a "Great Place to Work" by the renowned institute of the same name.


The international consulting and research institute, Great Place to Work, has certified LGT Vestra a Great Place to Work, along with LGT in Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Austria and further locations. The certification was granted based on a survey of all LGT Vestra staff conducted in the early summer of 2020 along with a culture audit of the firm. 76 percent of staff participated and the firm achieved an 83 percent Trust Index score, significantly outperforming the 65 percent required to achieve accreditation. Staff gave their job at LGT Vestra outstanding marks in numerous areas such as their assessment of the welcoming culture at the firm, how fairly they feel they are treated and the respect they are given by colleagues and management. Staff also rate management very positively, especially for their competence and credibility. 85 percent of employees are proud to work at LGT Vestra and 89 percent agree the firm is a "Great Place to Work".

In addition to the positive survey results, LGT Vestra also impressed the Great Place to Work Institute with the measures it implemented to ensure an optimal workplace culture throughout the pandemic.

Ben Snee, CEO LGT Vestra said: "Being accredited a Great Place to Work is a significant recognition of the importance we place in striving to create a culture where our staff feel proud, respected, valued and motivated. Receiving an external assessment of LGT Vestra is also an important way of determining where we can develop in order to continually improve the workplace culture for our staff."

The international consulting and research institute Great Place to Work has been assessing the workplace culture of companies since 1992. According to Great Place to Work, the most important criterion for a good workplace culture is above all trust. Further information can be found at: www.gptw.com

Press release: LGT Vestra is a "Great Place to Work"

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