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Wealth management for US connected clients

Here for you wherever "here" is

US Citizens and Greencard holders can face diverse challenges when it comes to their financial affairs. Any investment decisions we make take into account the tax implications and constraints that are unique to your personal situation.

Our international expertise means that we can help you construct and implement an investment strategy, unburdened by the tax constraints in the US. To assist with your tax reporting obligations, we provide you with an annual tax-pack designed specifically for your unique circumstances.

We believe in working closely with your other professional advisers, tax or legal, to ensure that we are all aligned and working in your best interests.

Our team is dedicated to helping clients wherever they reside, with a focus on clients’ individual investment goals, through a transparent fee structure. Our clients include US citizens, trustees, companies and charities, as well as offering investment services for general investment accounts such as ISAs, UK and international pensions, charities, trustees and private companies.

For US residents we offer a range of services including US pensions, 529 plans, US qualifying insurance products, as well as general investment accounts. We can arrange custody in the UK, US and offshore.


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