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Model Portfolio Service

Our aim is to give clients access to financial markets and an investment strategy that is effective and efficient wherever they reside.

We understand different investments hold different appeal, depending on a client’s background, whilst also recognising how different asset classes will perform in different market conditions. We are hands-on when it comes to managing our portfolios, and our rigorous investment process means we do not invest in anything we do not believe in.

This approach has been used to create a range of investment strategies designed to meet a wide array of tastes, and varying appetites for risk. Our model portfolio service provides advisers and their clients with the benefits of accessing LGT investment capabilities via a low cost and effective solution. 

We have five core onshore model portfolios available in GBP and USD, that range from Defensive to Adventurous, as well as an Ethical Balanced model. Each one is actively managed to achieve its risk and return objectives. All our investment strategies are managed with due consideration to global tax constraints.