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A wealth of skills but a single philosophy

We never lose sight of the fact it is your money that we manage.

From accumulation and preservation through to the succession of your assets, we help you to meet your financial goals whilst working within your risk parameters. In so doing, we focus on long-term thinking, our leading investment expertise as well as our active management approach. We take the time to understand you and your investment requirements, and build a portfolio around your specific needs. That’s why every LGT portfolio is unique.

Clients’ interests first


  • We listen carefully to you in order to understand your financial goals and personal circumstances.
  • We believe clients are individuals and that the portfolio should fit the client, never the other way around.
  • Our advice is aligned to nobody’s interests but your own.
  • Needs and goals change which is why we regularly review whether your strategy and portfolio remain consistent with your requirements.

Long-term focus


  • We place great emphasis on establishing lasting partnerships with our clients.
  • We prioritise long-term value creation over short-term profit maximisation.
  • We look for areas of the market that we believe will respond well to future economic and political stimuli and allocate the portfolio weightings accordingly.

Our expertise


  • When it comes to scenario analysis, strategic asset allocation and the construction of portfolios, our experts are leaders in the field.
  • We have always striven to reduce the opacity of the investment industry.
  • As our role is to invest on your behalf, quite simply, if we cannot understand how an investment can provide benefits to you, we will not use it.

Investment beliefs


  • We do not invest in anything we do not believe in.
  • Our rigorous investment process means if we feel unsure about an investment we simply won’t invest in it.
  • We don’t sell in-house products and we don’t have product sales targets which means our advice is truly impartial.

Overview of our investment approach

The Investment Committee is comprised of our most experienced investment managers and asset class specialists. Their role is to set the overall investment strategy of the firm.

The process starts with a top-down discussion of the macroeconomic outlook. This leads into a discussion of our market views, which are published in a monthly document after the meeting. The underlying composition of the portfolios is assessed to check that the overall positioning is consistent with the Investment Committee views. This takes into account such things as sector, country and styles of investment within the equity exposure.