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18-May-2021 18:37:14 | LGT Wealth Management US News

Webinar: President Biden's First 100 Days

In the months since Joe Biden’s inauguration, we have seen transformational changes, more so than many had predicted. With spending plans totalling nearly $6 trillion, and a return to ‘big government’ politics, it has been a huge presidential shift between Trump and Biden. Paul Nixon, CEO LGT Vestra US, is joined by a panel of experts to discuss Biden's first 100 days. 

07-May-2021 13:44:00 | LGT Wealth Management US News

Q1 2021: What do the numbers tell us?

CEO Paul Nixon and Portfolio Manager Tammy Hall discuss markets in the first quarter and look ahead to the coming months, providing an analysis of the the economic numbers and what they mean.

09-Feb-2021 19:12:00 | LGT Wealth Management US News

LGT Vestra is a "Great Place to Work"

LGT Vestra, the UK-based wealth management firm, has been designated a "Great Place to Work" by the renowned institute of the same name.

22-Dec-2020 11:06:00 | LGT Wealth Management US News

David Scott, Founder and Chairman of LGT Vestra steps down

David Scott, the Founder and Chairman of LGT Vestra LLP has decided to step down from the firm he founded in 2008. 

05-Nov-2018 11:35:00 | LGT Wealth Management US News

Jags' Junior Journo gets the scoop

Jacksonville Jaguars and partner LGT Vestra US sent the Jags' top Junior Journo to get the inside scoop from the camp ahead of the NFL London Games Series match at Wembley.

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