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Company profile

Private ownership ensures a long-term outlook and stability

LGT was set up specifically to help clients with personal and financial connections to the US, taking into account the implications and reporting requirements which are unique to each of our clients' circumstances. 

Managed by the Princely Family of Liechtenstein for over 90 years, LGT has a great deal of experience in managing family assets. In both our corporate and our investment strategies, we take a very long-term view. This is because we know that it takes time and discipline to achieve success.

Facts and figures

High liquidity, solid capitalisation, a clear strategic focus – find out more about the key characteristics of our company.

Facts and figures

Organisational structure

Thanks to our simple ownership arrangement, we have a clear and efficient organisational structure. This enables us to make decisions quickly and independently.

LGT’s history

The Princes of Liechtenstein have always been forward-looking. They have continuously improved their companies and operating processes, and have been both pioneering in developing new areas of business and committed to the general good.

LGT's history